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We are glad to announce that our latest offerings help you leverage private cloud services based on Microsoft Dynamic Data Center Toolkit & System Tools
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We need a flexible solution that can grow for our  application that we sell as a service, but not the problems that come with setting up and maintaining servers or routers.  CeraNet provided a great & economical solution with their cloud services.

Steve S.
Cloud Computing Service Customer Reference
Cloud Computing service

Scale your business and let us worry about your IT infrastructure.
Our private cloud services are designed to help you focus on your business.

Scale up or down, using the control panel
Pay as you go
Achieve high availability
Get a custom firewall/VPN setup, backup services, and live support
Get elastic storage
Get fast, free 24/7/365 Tech Support
Cloud Computing Server
 Test drive our control panel to see how easy it is to
manage your services... coming soon
 Cloud computing Servers
$ 65.00 special for 1 processor,
1GB ram, and 50gb of storage.

Bring up servers on demand, SERVER Resources available as
you need them.

grow your service as your business grows.

Pay as you go.

No underutilized dedicated
servers that waste resources, power, and dollars.

Truly dynamic.
 Cloud computing Hosting
$ 25 per month, per unit
a unit is 1 proc, 1gb memory, or 50gb of storage.

Includes 100mbps port, public ip addresses (5 a /29), 24/7/365  with qualified engineers

Deploy A server that can scale up or down as YOUR traffic demands.

 Cloud computing STORAGE
$ 25 per 50gb of Storage

Scale BY adding File storage for your files, media, and applications.

Automatic system level back up.

Nightly file level backup available.

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